March 24, 2013

Day 6... Today was rough.

March 18, 2013

Dear Mom,

So everyone who’s ever been to the MTC says that the MTC experience gets so much better after your first Sunday. Not so true for me :/  Today was rough. I think Satan is getting to me here way more than he did when I was at home preparing for my mission.  I think he knew I’d go on a mission regardless, so now he’s trying to get me here at the MTC.  We decided to skip gym time and take a shower (I just finished getting ready) because we needed it to de-stress—it definitely helped. So now I’m writing you until we go back to class. I feel much better now. Showers help even though the shower has black mold all over it. Sunday was the longest day of my life. Relief Society was in the gym. That was really good—a member of the general primary presidency spoke. Then after, some old lady lectured us “newly endowed” sisters on how to dress (apparently you must not show your knees if you wear garments—yeah, she said stuff like that). So that wasn’t super fun at all. Thankfully my companion and I both knew it was dumb and so we just tried to laugh it off.  I just need to stop letting people bug me. I knew that I was going to have an issue with that, but I didn’t realize I’d have an issue with it at the MTC. Although yesterday lasted an eternity, we ended the night with a taped Elder Holland MTC devotional. It was super good. I wish I could tell you all of what he said. Before he started his talk, his wife was with him at the pulpit. He talked about how wonderful of a mother and wife she is and he said to the missionaries something about how we miss our fathers, but “our hearts ache for our mothers”. I just broke down and could barely contain my sobs. My heart does ache for you, mom. I miss you so much. You are such a good mother to me. I hope you know that. Elder Holland made me miss you terribly! Before I never really cried about you or home, but I sure did then. Sis. Haycock was bawling too. We’re pretty alike :)  I wish I could tell you all of my experiences and what I’m learning here, but I don’t have enough time! I am enjoying myself though, even though it’s hard. And I have never prayed more or felt the spirit more.  I am very glad I am here but I am thankful I am only here for six more days :)  The food is decent, but makes me sick. I am also learning how to teach and plan with the spirit. It’s a pretty neat feeling. I’ve got to go now! I hope to hear from you soon :)

:) Sister Amanda Abby Chase

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