March 24, 2013

Day 7 & 8... My favorite part of being a missionary? Teaching and testifying of Christ.

March 19, 2013

Dear Mother,

You probably got a letter from me yesterday, but I want to tell you more things! I wish I could tell you stuff right after it happens, but I can’t text or email you! Also, before I forget, expect a phone call around 7-8 am your time next Tuesday—that’s the day I leave to CA. I’ll call your cell phone. Can you tell dad to be there too? So yesterday’s letter probably seemed negative and sad. But I wrote that to you before the day got better! After I wrote you, we taught our first lesson to Michelle. She has taken a couple lessons from missionaries before. She is single, very depressed, believes in God, but not in Jesus Christ. She needs hope—she needs the atonement. We teach her again tomorrow. Thankfully, I have A BUNCH of conference talks about the atonement. I hope and pray that the spirit might touch her heart. I need to work on not getting nervous-cause there is no reason to. I actually really like to teach and testify of Christ—it’s my favorite part about being a missionary so far. And this morning, we taught a cute old lady, a widow, and less active who wants to come back. She is actually a real person, she wasn’t acting. Surrounding areas will often have less-actives who desire to come back, come to the TRC and we teach them! I felt the spirit strongly in that lesson—I so hope she keeps her commitment to go back to church. I told her it was going to take work, but if she keeps her end goal of eternal family in mind, that she can do it. I hope she does. It’s crazy how fast you can learn to love someone when there are no worldly distractions. I love it. So I feel TONS better now. I am so grateful for a Father in Heaven that loves me and wants me to be happy. And I have to tell you a crazy story. So we have a bit of drama in our branch (which has 3 districts of about 12 people each). So the other district has a companionship of elders that got in a fight during choir practice. One kid chest-bumped the other kid and the other said some swear words. Apparently they were arguing over some insignificant church doctrine. Ridiculous, I know. There is zero tolerance for physical anger and they were this close to being sent home. But instead, our district swapped an elder for one of the elders that was naughty, and we got one of the naughty ones. Crazy. I’m glad I like my companion :)  Anyways, I hope you all are doing well :) I’ll see you soon! And talk to you on the phone even sooner!

:) Sister Amanda Abby Chase

March 20, 2013

Dear Mom,

The MTC is a TOTALLY different world. Elder Whiting of the 70 spoke today and compared the MTC to an incubator. It really is! Yep, my companion is going to Riverside. Everyone in my district is! Ashley comes tomorrow! The first day is so crazy. Definitely not a day I’d repeat (or want to repeat). I hope she read Preach My Gospel because that’s how I have begun teaching, I wish I knew more! Investigators ask tough questions. And apparently come July, the Redlands Temple won’t be in our mission, so I guess I didn’t need my Temple clothes. And thanks for sending those packages :) I’m glad she found my driving info! That would not have been good! [The mission had temporarily misplaced Amanda’s driving paperwork. The mission secretary called me (Angie) the day Amanda entered the MTC and wondered if Amanda didn’t drive. Maybe I should have told her she didn’t so Amanda could experience a biking mission:) Although she may have disowned me.] And yes, keep sending me the weather info. Kirra’s mom sent me a note and said that there was just an earthquake in California (Riverside specifically).

P-day is tomorrow! And we get to go to the Temple. Ask dad if he’ll write me—it’d be nice to hear from him. Letters seriously help me keep going. Hopefully you’ve gotten a bunch of letters by now—I’ve sent quite a few. I miss you!

Sister Amanda Abby Chase :)

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