March 29, 2013

Drop offs, Companions and Riverside, OH MY!

March 13, 2013--The big day!...

Kirra... best BYU roomie!

Almost ready for the 1 minute 30 second drop off.

Provo, Utah--Missionary Training Center--March 13-26, 2013...
It's official!

Sister Haycock and Sister Chase

The District

3 bunks and 6 girls to a room.

The dreaded "black moldy" shower. Good practice for the misson :)

Yay! Sister Clark from Bentonville!

Sister Chase would like you all to know that THIS is a mail box. It is to deposit letters written to Sister Chase :)

Riverside, California--March 26, 2013
The Arrival...

Umm, is this a dumpster they rented to transport the luggage?

Sister Emery and Sister Chase

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