March 28, 2013

Day 10... For God so Loved the World

March 22, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad,

Yesterday night Sister Haycock and I taught Amy, who is technically one of our teachers. The lesson before was horrible. She asked all of these combative questions and the spirit was so not there. We were super frustrated with her. So leading up to last night, I honestly just wanted to drop her—because she was starting to become stagnant—not progressing—investigator. However, we still planned a lesson—we were planning on speaking about the atonement and the sacrament. And about physical and spiritual death and how we overcome spiritual death is by turning to God and repenting and start following His commandments. Before the lesson, we prayed that we would not think about her past lesson, and we would just see her as God sees her and just pretend that it was our first time teaching her. We did just that.  We started the lesson by asking her if she is allowing herself to be influenced by prayer and scripture study. Surprisingly, she said yes and then proceeded to tell us how she had an awesome experience reading Alma 22 and 32 (we left her a sticky note with those chapters on it the time before) and how she prayed and told us that she would give up anything, and do anything to know God.  And then she said that she wants to know what’s next. So the atonement and repentance was just perfect for her. So I talked about the atonement and then Sister Haycock talked about the sacrament and that’s how we renew our commitment to Him after baptism. So we talked about that and had her read a quote. While she was reading, Sister Haycock and I both looked at each other and I mouthed “baptism”. She nods her head. So when “Amy” finished the quote, we talked about baptism and I asked her “Amy will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?” She said yes! We were so not planning on asking her to be baptized—we were almost planning on dropping her!  She was asking for baptism (basically) and it felt so right to ask her. It has been so neat to see and feel the spirit and feel prompted to say and do certain things. It’s clearly obvious to me that God does not give up on us—even when we want to give up on His children as missionaries. Also, we watched the Bible video, “For God So loved the World”. [see below] So good. You all should watch it. And another neat thing I’ve learned is about repentance. Maybe I’m just retarded, but I always thought it was just repenting of sins. However, it means repenting for sins, changing our hearts and minds, and start doing good things. So when you start changing bad things and replacing them with good things, that’s repentance. I never really understood that.  It’s so much more than repenting for sins. It is when we recommit to God. I wish I would have learned that earlier. I wish I would have learned a lot of things before! And funny story, one of the sisters in our district (the one that’s been engaged 4 times apparently) loudly exclaimed in class that she has never read a verse in the bible and that she never knew that the bible talked about Christ’s church. It was hilarious. I have no idea how our teacher kept a straight face. Anyway, I better get going. I miss you both!

Sister Amanda Abby Chase

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