March 23, 2013

Day 3... Learning to be humble, reeeaal fast.

March 15, 2013

Dear Mom,

I got your CD and dear elder letters :) It was nice to hear from you, Grandma Rhea, Kirra, and Chase. We didn’t get our mail until an hour or so ago!  I’ve been dying for some outside contact. Sis Haycock and I saw the road (900 E) today. One day (March 26) we’ll be released from this spirit prison :)  I do like it, though. Except for the food (it’s okay…) and the moldy showers. I’m really learning to be humble reeeaal fast. I feel like I get dirtier when I get out of the shower than when I get in. It’s gross. And I should’ve brought some snacks…the bookstore has hardly anything. I’m always hungry. Today we got to exercise—it was nice to just release that energy because we sit in a classroom all day. The MTC is cool because you always feel the spirit—even when you’re exercising! I was watching an old General Conference while on the elliptical today. We also taught our first lesson to our “investigator”, Amy. I felt like we did well for our first time but it was hard and HARD. Amy doesn’t even believe in God, so somehow, we need her to feel the spirit—but when she won’t even let us pray at the lessons—we’re not sure how to even provide an opportunity to feel the spirit and learn. She is super into facts and that stuff. I feel like she’ll come around. I just love my companion. So blessed to have her as my companion. Also, sorry for the sloppy handwriting… I have like ZERO time! I don’t worry about home or miss it much…though I will probably at some point. And thanks for the forecast. Haha :) I’ve gotta go (no time) but I’ll write you soon. Keep sending those dear elders :) they make my day.

:) Sister Amanda Abby Chase

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