March 24, 2013

Day 9... I LOVE my companion.

March 21, 2013

Dear mom, dad, family, and friends,

So fair warning, this email will probably be out of order and confusing...there are so many thoughts going through my head right now! Hopefully I can remember to type up all the important things :)

First of all, thank you all so so much for the dear elders, letters, packages, and prayers. I have been blessed to receive quite a bit of mail every night since I've come here, and that has been such a help and a blessing. I knew missionaries loved mail, but I never realized how vital mail is! If I haven't written you back, a letter is on its way, or I am writing one today. I probably won't have a ton of time to write back long letters once I'm in the mission field, so I'm trying to write back as much as I can before I leave NEXT TUESDAY to California!!

P-DAY is GLORIOUS. It is the best. I actually feel like a normal person today. Like I'm doing normal-people things. Like painting my nails, doing laundry, and writing emails. It feels nice to be doing normal human things for once.

I LOVE my companion, Sister Haycock. We are a lot alike and we teach really well together. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father blessed me with a companion that I just clicked with immediately. Though I feel super bad when I have to drag her to the bathroom. That part of being a missionary and having to stay together is SO annoying and awkward for the both of us. (disclaimer...when I say I have to drag her to the bathroom, I still have the privacy of a stall, but it's just weird to have to go to the bathroom with someone).

I really like my district too. I'm the oldest sister missionary in my district. My zone has some older sister missionaries, though. The oldest is 24 I think. My district has six elders and six sisters. And my branch (about 3-4 districts) has more elders than sisters! It's great! I'm sure a couple months ago this place was mostly elders. I like that there's nearly an even amount of sisters and elders. The elders in my district are great...though I don't think my DL (district leader) is a big fan of me because I'm constantly bugging him about the mail (well...not constantly...I ask him like once a day...though I think he still gets annoyed). For some reason, our branch president asked him to hoard the mail until I don't get it until right before bed time! I am definitely learning patience.

So I need to be done soon....but I thought I'd put in a spiritual plug. I am learning a lot about how important charity is in life and in missionary work. And I'm also learning that I am not that charitable. There is a scripture in 1 peter 4:3 (I think) [This reference doesn't appear to be the one Amanda intended.] that talks about if we were charitable, a lot of sins we commit would be prevented. How true is that??? I am definitely learning that I need to see people as God sees them and love them as God loves them. I have a feeling this is going to be what I learn the most on my mission.

So my momma wanted a day in the life of a sister I'll end my email with that (This was Monday) : 6:15- wake up, 7:30-breakfast, 9-12- class, then lunch, then three more hours of class, then an hour of zone teaching, then dinner, and then gym time, then study time, and then TRC (teaching investigators), then personal time/write in journal/write home/companionship prayer, then bed at 10:30. We are kept super super busy. The days are long and short at the same time. My favorite part is teaching. I really like it. I have been working on not being nervous and just talking and opening my mouth. My mouth has been filled with words that God wants these investigators to hear. It is super neat. There have been lots of ups and downs, but I am so grateful to be here and I cannot wait to get to California and the share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Riverside. This gospel is true, this church is true. I believe in it and I am striving to live it. Never forget that God gives second chances to all, the atonement is SO real. I love it. I have to go, but I would love to hear from you all! I hope you are all happy and doing well!

Sister Amanda Abby Chase

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