April 30, 2013

Day 48... because I really know that it is true. I know it.

April 29, 2013

Sister Chase ran out of time to do a formal group email this week. So the following are blurbs from our email chatting (so fun to catch her online) and excerpts from the letter she sent to her Mission President (she forwards that to me to be able to share additional info with us).

Things are going well and I am doing good. My head hurts sometimes but I try to not let it bug me. It's getting pretty hot here. Sometimes it's frustrating when people are rude and mean and don't want to talk, but the good really does outweigh the bad. So, I am still happy to be here and I am finding a lot of joy in being a missionary and serving those around me.

We didn't teach as many lessons as we would have liked to last week, but I feel like we are working hard. We come home exhausted each night, so that means we are doing something! This area could definitely use another set of missionaries. I love my companions, they are wonderful. We all have our differences and quirks, but we are working through that. Sister Boyd is a fantastic trainer.

I am learning that in order to really teach by the spirit, I need to be exactly obedient--in my thoughts, actions, words, everything. It has been neat to see the difference in how often and by what ways I feel the spirit and promptings here in the mission field verses life at home.

Last week, we met with the L family. Bro L has been through a lot. He is a real softy inside but he acts tough. We were talking to him about finding peace--through Christ and the Atonement. And he asks us "why do you even care? You don’t' even know me." I started to cry (everyone else too) and I told him something to this effect "Brother L, we love you. And your Father in Heaven loves you. We don't know you that well or your specific pains and heartaches and your struggles, but we love you." I went on to tell him that when you are a missionary, you are given this amazing capacity to love people-- and to love them quickly. I have learned a lot about love and charity. As missionaries, we really are given that gift to love. It is amazing to experience and see myself love people so quickly. I wish I would've been more loving pre-mission. That's probably (well...it is) my greatest regret. The L family is awesome and we love them dearly.

Another thing...we were having companionship inventory last night (you can look up what it is in preach my gospel) and sis h and b told me that I am a really good testifier and that I will be able to touch people through my sweet spirit. That was nice to hear because I still don't feel super confident in teaching, so at least I am good at that for now. Testifying is seriously my favorite thing to do--because I really know that it is true. I know it.

R is really doing good (He was baptized a week ago). After his baptism, he was just glowing. He is sooooo much more enthusiastic about life. He is just happy and joyful. He got the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday (they do it the week after the baptism in the mission field). He gave us a gift card to Sizzler--that was really nice of him. And his sister wants to be taught now and his brother, T (he has some disabilities) is going to be baptized this Sunday! His mom didn't want him to before, but after R’s baptism, she told him he could.

Lastly, Sister Chase mentioned this to me (Mom) in her email…

Could you just tell everyone to get to know/fellowship their neighbors. That is how the work will roll forth. That is nearly the ONLY way the work will progress. Have the courage to do it! Because we all have the strength and capacity and command to do it!

R's kitties...
Sister Chase typically hates cats and is allergic,
but "these were baby kitties and they were really cute".

Jurupa Zone

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