April 8, 2013

Day 27... Never forget the times when you've felt this gospel to be true.

April 8, 2013

Dear Family and Friends,

I don't have tons of time, but I am still alive in Yucaipa. If you asked me last Thursday if I'd still be in California today, I would have said no. The adjustment has been very hard, but the support, prayers, and letters have helped so much.

So conference this past weekend was so wonderful. I loved Elder Holland's talk. [Click HERE to watch it]. That really was what I needed to hear. I would encourage all of you to read it. After the first session, our whole zone, about 20 of us, went to El Pollo Loco for lunch. It was so funny seeing all of the stares we got. Cracked me up. And when they asked for my name when I ordered, I was about to say "Amanda" but then just said "Chase". Kinda weird not being called by your first name!

I loved feeling the spirit at conference. I felt it throughout the sessions. I can never, ever deny the spirit that I felt. Once you feel the spirit, do not forget that you have. When doubts come, rely on the spirit you have felt in the past. I have had to rely on past spiritual experiences SO much the past couple of weeks. I have had to constantly remind myself of the confirmation that I felt to serve a mission. I guess what I'm trying to get at is to never forget the times when you've felt this gospel to be true. Elder Holland's talk on faith goes a long with this.

Funny story: we were out tracting the other day and we go up to this guy and apparently he was drunk (Sister Emery said she smelt the alcohol on his breath). We tell him who we are and then he tells our mini- missionary that is with us (she's 18 and from riverside) "You are really attractive. Take off your glasses." So we left right after that. Super creepy. Yikes

Still haven't had any doors slammed in my face.  It's also been neat to see things in my patriarchal blessing come to be.

On Thursday (one of the hardest days so far) we watched the Joseph Smith movie [watch it HERE] with Lupe, one of our investigators. I was able to bear my testimony of Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel to her. The spirit was so strong. I really hope she felt it and has been praying to know for herself if what we are teaching her is true.

We visit a lot of older widowed women. One lady is from England. Another is from Holland. She has a "kitty" (kidney) problem. Whenever she says that, I have to stop myself from laughing. It cracks me up!

On Tuesday, we met a guy that was sort of anti... but he wasn't super rude or anything. He didn't like the fact that we believe that God and Christ are separate beings and that one day we can become a God. He told us he'd listen to us tell him about our church for two hours if we would watch an anti-Mormon movie with him. We said no :) So that was an interesting experience!

Food has been pretty good so far. Last night was the grossest (some super dry sloppy joe on an english muffin) but it was still edible. This week I have exchanges with a spanish-speaking sister so I get to eat some authentic Mexican food! And I don't think  I've gained weight...yet. So hooray for that!

So cool experience (well I thought it was neat). I was sitting in the chapel during conference and there were a bunch of empty pews. I felt very strongly that those pews were not empty; they were full of angels, supporting all of us 20 or so missionaries that were in that chapel watching conference. If we are in tune, we can all feel those angels. I also felt the presence of my future children so strongly. I thought I would turn to my left, and I would see one of them sitting right by me. I have felt their love and support so much lately. They, and my family and friends (all of you!) have helped so much. I am so grateful for my knowledge that there are angels among us. That we have help from the other side of the veil. I would be long gone if it weren't for the love and support I feel from my Father in Heaven and my Savior and those on both sides of the veil.

I love you all so much. I know that what I am doing out here is God's work. This is His church. Exercise even that particle of faith like Alma teaches. Always remember that there is a God in Heaven who knows you and loves you and wants you to return to Him.

Sister Amanda Abby Chase

P.S. My one month mark is this Saturday! And my four week mark is this Wednesday! Crazy!

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