June 26, 2013

Day 104... I am definitely learning patience.

June 24, 2013

I, Mom, put together the following notes from emailing with Amanda on Monday. She didn’t write a formal letter but did give me some info in our conversation. I added a few things in brackets for clarity.

Hooray!!! I got your box!! Thank you so much. I have time to write you and dad a big letter today with all the details of the past week and answers to your questions in your letters. I just love letters from you! [I have extra time] because we didn't do a zone activity and the other sisters aren't with us.

I am good. Training... is really hard. But I am definitely learning patience. My headache has been super bad the past few days. And I was just super frustrated so yesterday when we were doing personal study after church I felt like I needed to ask for a blessing. So after the broadcast Brother T (our awesome ward mission leader) gave the blessing and Bishop L did the anointing. It was much needed. I feel sometimes like I am running faster than I can right now and feeling disappointed when the other sisters have baptism after baptism and we can’t even keep the investigators that we already have. I'm trying not to feel that way, though.

I got to go to Trader Joes (heaven!!!) and I got stuff to make salads this week. I have been eating a lot healthier lately.

I am so glad you watched the [Missionary] broadcast... I was hoping you would! I loved it!!! So good. It made me really motivated and stuff. I kinda doubt our mission will be getting ipads and iphones any time soon, but we can hope!!! Yeah, I'm thinking they'll just do more affluent/safe/bigger cities right now.

Love you alll sosososososos much!!! You are in my prayers!!! Gotta go!!

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