May 22, 2013

Day 69... He has changed so much.

May 20, 2013

Excerpts from email chatting with Sister Chase...

I am good. Last night I felt a bit frustrated and discouraged, but that's normal. I'm definitely being shown my weaknesses....probably so that I can work on them. There is SOOOO much to learn on your mission. Every single thing you need for life can be learned/experienced here (a little bit of everything) in the mission field.

In about three weeks we go to the Temple in Redlands. And we get Cafe Rio that day! :) Also, I probably will be training and staying in Jurupa. The next transfer is June 18. The STL's [sister training leaders] said I’ll be training basically.

Ah darn. Well I don't have time to write a group email today. The dumb computer logged me off and it got rid of my email to the president! So I have to do that again. I am happy, though and working hard. We visited them [the L family] on Sunday and he found out about my headache. We said the closing prayer and we were getting up and he said wait a minute and he grabbed his wife and talked to her in the kitchen. They came back and she tells me he wants to give me a blessing.  He feels terrible about my [chronic daily] headache and can’t believe I have to deal with that as a missionary. So his home teacher is coming over there tonight and he'll anoint and bro L will give me a blessing. They are amazing.

Love you sooooo much. Tell everyone hi and that I love them.

Excerpts from Sister Chase’s letter to her President…

This week Sis H and I have been working hard, but we still have low numbers. We fasted yesterday for help in finding new investigators. Fasting is really hard for me with my headache, but I was able to do a full fast. We heard of a family in our ward with a single mom and five unbaptized kids--that was definitely an answer to our prayers.

Sister H and I have become sisters, which is so fun. We have our differences, but we have so much fun working together. We are both very organized, which is super nice. We are happy and we are working hard.

Mt. Rubidoux, in the hills of Riverside
P-Day hike with Jurupa Zone

Jurupa Valley

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